That’s Eventing

In horses nothing goes to plan, especially eventing. It is different than any other sport, you have two athletes and that can get pretty difficult sometimes… Or should I say most of the time. For me, I seem to have the worst luck. I tried running my very first Advanced two weeks ago, I was how anyone would be running their first BE 3 star, excited!! And also very very nervous… Everything went wrong that day. Orion’s studs weren’t working, I was so unorganized (not like me), but worst of all I forgot my tails! I thought you could wear a normal jacket… Apparently not!! I was one horse away from going in the ring when I was informed I needed tails or would have been eliminated. My fantastic grooms ran (something they don’t enjoy might I add) to find tails, while the man that was in the ring before me finishing his test, his mom was offering me his tails! It was going to have to be a quick switch, luckily my grooms made it back with event rider Laura Colletts jacket! Dressage was saved!

Show jumping Orion didn’t feel himself, then to the cross country he still felt off. Halfway through the course I thought to myself I’ll jump another fence and see what happens before retiring, then we had an unplanned dismount.. It was at that moment I was positive something was up. The vet looked at him and there was something up with him. He wasn’t feeling good, a bit anemic, etc…

So after all the running around, the lead up to the advance and all its preparation, the stress and panic to find a jacket and Orion wasn’t himself. Disappointing? Yes, but honestly I couldn’t care less as long as my horse was okay! And he was a few days later, now we repeat everything again… More preparation, hard work, and this time I won’t forget the wrong jacket! That’s horses and without those learning curb moments you will never know how to be perfect in the future!

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