Rustier than the Tin Man

We all get a bit nervous or excited before the first event of the season. From remembering what to pack to trying to wake yourself up at 3 in the morning there’s things we tend to forget about a competition! I went to my first event of the season last week, I always get excited and definitely a bit nervous for the first time back out no matter what horse I’m riding. I had 3 horses to compete in the event- 2 the first day and 1 the second. The first day I had Ella my top horse in the Intermediate and Crackle one of my youngsters in the 100. Ella and myself have done 2 star for a few years now and are ready to move up but even still walking that XC course I just kept thinking ‘holly crap these jumps are huge, I don’t remember them being this big… Can she jump this big?” I know that was just the nerves talking and as soon as I was on Ella I knew how amazing she was and my thoughts changed to “we got this”. Sitting in warm-up of the XC there were 4 star riders going over the course 2 even 3 times with each other and it just reminds us that we’re human. The next day on my Novice horse Turtle the rust had been knocked off and we ended with a great dressage and double clear- no nerves just excitement.

At the end of the day whether you’re a top level rider or its your first event we’re all human and we all get a bit rusty but just keep a positive mindset and trust your horse and watch the hard work pay off!


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