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DC Lamborghini Quality-


Barn name Crackle

2011, 16.2 Belgian Warmblood gelding

Crackle started his career in eventing in 2017, he completed a few events before deciding he was too talented in the show jumping area. Crackle is an excellent jumper, and an easy horse to ride- not to mention flashy on the flat with incredible confirmation. Crackle is the horse you could put your beginners on and they could school a massive course. He works beautifully on the flat and could excel in dressage, he performs Advanced-Medium movements on the flat. Currently Crackle is schooling 1.30m courses at home and competing 1.20m. Crackle is not spooy and is relaxed at a competition- he is an angel, always the favorite of little children and staff.


He will be aiming for HOYS in 2018 and show jumping championships. Crackle has the talent to be an upper level show jumper and will continue to climb the levels over the next year.


Crackle XC schooling

Crackle demo slow mo