DC Woodland Leticia

Woodland Letticia (Lettie)- 

2013 British Sport Horse mare

£30 000

Lettie lunging

Lettie was broke in 2016, she was the easiest horse to break and was cantering around on the bit in a week! Lettie competed at Badminton Young Event horse in 2017 and placed 10th in the final. Lettie has flashy paces, and jumps out of her skin, and is a lovely horse to ride. She aims to please and will be a winning competitor at the top levels. She could easily excel in show jumping, dressage or eventing. She has been cross country schooling where she showed a love for cross country.

In 2018 Lettie will compete in 5 year old national competitions and attend the Badminton Young Event horse as a 5 year old.